As time whizzes by, it’s hard for some of us to keep up with new developments. Vehicles, computers, phones, and all the latest technical gadgets. I personally can’t believe the technological advances which have been made in recent years. I’m certainly one of those who find it hard to keep up with technology, purchasing one product to be told after a short time it’s old or obsolete. Cost is another factor, many people spend much of their time and money updating electronic, personal possessions. It can be said the same about vaping, the E-CIG devices are getting smaller, smarter and more stylish. Pod devices are the latest craze and now we have the DISPOSABLE POD DEVICE!


As with all consumable products, everyone’s going to have a shot at the title. Off course, we need competition and variety, after a while, you find the market becomes seriously competitive and very over crowded. This can lead to confusion and indecision, with so many models and variations it can become difficult to select the right product to suite your needs. Now the world of electronic cigarettes has created the DISPOSABLE POD KIT!


Many companies are having a stab at producing a memorable pod system, many having succeeded. With the disposable pod system, many have created some memorable devices and are succeeding big time! One of the success stories is a company called VAPEURS, they are manufactured in China like most vaping products but designed in America. They are stylish and robust; they work really well and deliver an excellent vaping experience. Popularity is growing and the disposable pod device is increasing in demand. Let’s look at what the attraction is all about!


Pod devices are sleek and much more stylish compared to previous, bulky vape devices. Their compact and pocket friendly, easy to use and requires no coil change or recharging. Refilling is also not required, once the device has expired you simply throw away. This more convenient way of vaping has attracted many vapers and subsequent new comers. Social occasions are made easier as is travelling and working environments. These disposable vape kits are also great for beginners and anyone aged 18 and over whose thinking of making the alternative transition. Carrying extra e-liquids or coils and vape accessories may possibly become a thing of the past.


When I first tried the VAPEURS disposable pod device, it was much like any other decent pod kit. What struck me was the comfortable grip, excellent cloud production and seriously moreish flavour theme. The throat hit is smooth and satisfying thanks to the 20mg of salt nicotine, nicotine salts are the driving force for the success of disposable vapes. It produces up to 800 puffs per pod and is operated by simple mouth drawn activation. The price of purchasing a VAPEURS disposable pod device is very reasonable and makes this compact little vape bar even more desirable.



The flavour range with the VAPEURS DISPOSABLE POD DEVICE is very exciting. The quality and craftsmanship which has gone into these products are impressive and unique. The VAPEURS disposable vape offers a selected range of flavours which are just brilliant, BLUE RAZZ ICE, BANANA ICE, LUSH ICE, GUMMY BEAR ICE, MANGO ICE and LYCHEE ICE. The ice blast blends are really well presented, very specific and targets menthol lovers as well as fruity lovers. ORANGE SODA, ENERGY DRINK, PINEAPPLE COCONUT ICE and STRAWBERRY YOGURT ICE.

VAPEURS specialises in the ice blast concept as well as a few non icy blends. A great variety, something for everyone! As previously stated, many disposable vape systems deliver a great vape. VAPEURS is just one of many, I specifically selected this brand as I’ve found the device quality to be excellent, effective and reliable. I love the ice blast themes which have been carefully selected for distribution with the American style and design.


I was very pleased with this disposable vape bar, a classical brand. The style is ultra modern, contemporary and very chic. Ideal for all aspects of mouth to lung vaping, these disposable vapes are perfect for the ladies and the gents, and especially for existing vapers who have yet to embark on this new revolutionised device. I love the ease and simplicity behind this disposable vape pod and believe in VAPEURS as a brand.

With the new normal around the corner, this new system of vaping could change vaping completely, pushing aside many of the existing starter kits. E-liquids may be a thing of the past, the larger more bulkier MODS and AIO (all in one) kits becoming less popular as time goes on. I certainly hope not, the marvellous variations of vape kits makes vaping what it is today. What is being overlooked by many currently is the actual lifespan of disposable pods in general. Could they just be a temporary anomaly, I certainly hope not. They have made us realise what is possible and what these great companies are capable of. Let’s see what the future holds for the disposable electronic cigarette!


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