Established back in 2015, Doozy Vape has become the home of Multi Award Winning e-liquid flavours. They have become proudly recognised globally as a premium e-liquid brand. Made in Dewsbury England, Doozy Vape have been defined by their passion for vaping. They have developed into a distinctively recognisable e-juice brand globally; this has created a huge following of fans due to their unique style and creative approach. The Doozy Vape portfolio is full of innovation and perfection, their attention to detail is both unique and different.


I asked a Doozy staff member “what does doozy mean?” This was at a vape convention prior to the pandemic. “Something outstanding or unique of it’s kind!” Outstanding and unique is an understatement, Doozy Vape Co have made a global impact due to their array of e-liquid flavours. Mixed berries, gummy bear sweet, Doozy milkshakes, juicy chew. The sweet vapes theme is highly successful especially here in the UK, some of their flavours create a cool vape concept as well as the most outstanding and unique candy themes available in the e-liquid world. With all this and much more, I can understand why it’s a doozy!


Establishing the term what is a doozy, the meaning of outstanding and unique describes this e-liquid brand favourably. Their almost cartoon like approach is fun and exciting, this explains why Doozy Vape provides a kind of shake and vape experience, whenever I vape their liquids, I can never sit still! All of this self indulgence really spoils me sometimes, I can go months without vaping ANY other e-liquid brands. Doozy Vape Co are products which absolutely define the Doozy meaning!



Whenever I’m having a doozy, a find I never get vape tongue. Vapers tongue can be unpleasant, the sheer concoction quality liberates me when I vape this brand. The juicy chew range is my favourite, the candy sensations are divine. LIME JELLY BEANS and GUMMY BEAR SWEET is the pinnacle of the candy concept. It is precise in flavour and dominates the sweet candy taste.

The recognition gained as a premium e-juice over the six years since their formation is remarkable, “BEST BRAND” and “BEST INTERNATIONAL BRAND”, “BEST SALTS”, BEST CANDY”, “BEST FRUITS”, “BEST DESSERTS” and “BEST MENTHOL.” This is a truly great accomplishment by Doozy Vape Co and a perfect reason for all Sub Ohm vapers to add them to the collection.

Perfectly suited for Sub ohm vaping, Doozy Vape e-juice 50ml shortfill has a 70VG/30PG ratio. This makes the direct to lung experience completely necessary. The Doozy Salts are also well established, many have some of the most enigmatic ingredients in the business. Truly delicious and truly unforgettable, now we know why it’s a doozy!


Whether I like it or not, I have surrendered to the fact that I’m a prolific “juice junki!” APPLE CHEWS, BERRY BLAST or any sweet vapes. I confess I am a junki! This is one habit I think most vapers would agree on, I’m not ashamed to say it either. This iconic company from Dewsbury has produced a catalogue of flavours which have yet to be replicated by other brands. The is no existing patent on e-liquid flavours, creating the most desirable set of flavours like we have here, makes one relish in glory. I have an extreme fondness for Doozy Vape and believe they could very well end up becoming the best in the business.


This UK made vape juice has taken the e-liquid world by storm. Since their existence from 2015, Doozy Vape Co have created the most exciting and dynamic e-liquid flavours in the world. The masters of sweet mixology, their 50ml shortfill range has the best concepts of vaping flavours. The Doozy Salts are excellent and the catalogue is growing rapidly. It takes a lot for any name to stand out in any business, many have tried and failed. Many have succeeded, but success can be very underrated. I have used many brands of liquid, enjoyed the experience, and simply moved on to another. I have many brands I use religiously, Doozy Vape is one of them. Making a difference is one thing, being different is something else entirely.

To be successful at anything in this world takes courage, charisma, guts and the willingness to accept failure. By failing multiple times is the only way to success, surrendering to failure is what keeps great ideas at bay. Continuity and consistency are the key to any kind of successful outcome. He we have a classic example of success, I’m confident in saying, it can’t have been an easy ride, yet in the end we have a successfully established product. Makes me proud to be British, one can only see the quality of what has come out of the Yorkshire valleys, Doozy Vape Co is an inspiration to us all, great ideas can go a long way!


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