Whenever I’m writing a blog about E-Cigs, I must mention my profound respect for the Halo E-Cig. Their highly successful Halo vape refills and Halo starter kits are the real deal when it comes to a more traditional approach to vaping. Created back in 2008, Halo Vapour Co are the leading brand in the Cigalike style. The Tobacco E-Cig cartridges and Menthol E-Cig cartridges have provided the most realistic approach for thousands of ex-smokers. Simplistic ease right at your fingertips, my admiration for this company and the successful catalogue of vape accessories proves my point entirely.

The selection of nicotine strengths is equally important, Halo Vapour Co have all levels of nicotine to suit all users. Should one be alternating from cigarettes, or another vape device, this electronic cigarette will satisfy all concerned. As a regular Halo E-Cig user, I stand by this product proudly. Having reduced my nicotine levels over time, I now use my E-Cig when necessary. The ever-changing market has certainly changed over the years, vape devices themselves have evolved into the most stylish and dynamic of products. My personal view is all vape devices literally do the same thing, with the evolution of electronic cigarettes, the Halo E-Cig still ranks highly. Long live the Cigalike!


The vape market has changed dramatically from when I entered the business over a decade ago. Many great brands have come and gone; many are still going strong. Halo Vapour Co is a great example of successful longevity, supplied by E-CIGARETTE DIRECT (ORDERLEY) the catalogue has remained untouched. Maintaining this simple and direct approach is one of the key factors of their success. With many e-liquid companies who create disposable vapes and starter kits, Halo Vapour Co have kept their range uniquely original. I would imagine any adult entering the world of vaping would have quite a job selecting the right product. I personally believe there are far too many products on the market today.


Discreet vaping is something I’ve written about previously. Vaping can be frowned upon in many public areas, this is understandable from the non-vapers perspective. Among the many features I love about the Halo E-Cig, the one feature is the discreet approach a user has when vaping. Often mistaken for a real cigarette, this less obvious approach is by far easier than the larger, cloud producing devices. In most cases, whenever I’ve been in an outdoor setting, most people don’t even realise. I believe this is especially important around young families.


Many ex-smokers will agree, the classic tobacco flavour is always popular especially when transitioning from smoking to vaping. The one factor I admire about Halo Vapour Co is that they have kept the flavour theme to just Tobacco and Menthol. Many brands have created multiple flavours, it’s subjective off course, in my opinion less is more. The Tobacco E-Cig cartridges are spot on, especially for tobacco lovers. Available in all strengths, this is the prestige flavour which started the whole story.


Now we come to the Menthol E-Cig cartridges, for those who wish to keep a distance from classic tobacco, Halo Menthol refills provide a cooling, calm experience. A fresh and minty flow, Menthol flavour has been one of the huge success stories in vaping. Halo Vapour Co was one of the first founders of this approach, with the recent ban on menthol cigarettes, this flavour has certainly risen in popularity. I use the Halo Menthol cartridges myself, whilst I would never encourage vaping, you must consult with your doctor or health care provider before purchasing your first vaping device.


Disposable vapes are probably the leading style of vape accessories today. The sheer volume of brand names and flavours are remarkable. Convenient and reliable, disposable vapes are on the increase for sure. Perfect for social vapers or individuals travelling around. Again, ease and simplicity have been established. I have personally used many different brands of disposable vape pens, being honest, I can’t really see much difference between them. Apart from nicotine levels and flavour selection, they all pretty much do the same thing. Again, I would never state which product is better than another, this is solely down to the individual.


An interesting factor about all vape accessories, how long will each product survive? Over the past decade, I have seen multiple e-liquid brands, tank, and coil brands, and Cigalike brands disappear from the marketplace. The speed of change is quite remarkable, only the mobile phone market has had the same rate of progress. With all the latest in vape accessories, I strongly believe the Cigalike will be around for the long haul.

 Its popularity is still strong with many vapers sticking to its simple theme. Understandably, many have tried to introduce larger and more powerful devices, many have also resorted back to the Cigalike. Having spoken to many clients who regularly purchase the Halo refill cartridges, they often tell me the formula is working well and why fix it if it’s not broken? This is a compelling point especially from many ex-smokers!


In summary, for me and many other vapers, the Halo E-Cig comes out a winner! The simple to use Halo refill cartridges are available in Tobacco and Menthol flavour. A simple recharge and throw away tips make vaping this product simple, easy, and cost effective. The Cigalike has paved the way for the vape industry to be where it is today, this prestigious classic first came to our attention about fifteen years ago. The past ten years has seen a collaborative effort from the big companies to expand on the idea. While it has worked out well for financial gain, has the objective been overlooked?

Disposable vapes, e-liquid brands, nicotine salts, and many of the larger vape devices are all available in this ever-changing marketplace. The Cigalike has remained a popular choice even with this unstoppable acceleration of progress. Halo Vapour Co have maintained a respectful reputation and fan following. A name which will continue to shine in this ever changing world of vaping!

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