The e-liquid world is a world all by itself! The selection of choice has pushed the boundaries of possibility. E-liquid bottles themselves are not what they used to be. Even with all the advances in vaping, all the e-liquid flavours available today prove how fast and prolific this industry has become. Take high VG e-liquid for example, once considered the granddaddy of them all has now been called the lost vape! Still many vapers pour in their nicotine shots and cloud puff away. The selection of e-liquid brands is astronomical, with many worldwide brands competing for the crown. Then we have the e-liquid flavours, menthol e-liquid, mixed berries, sweet vape, cool vape, and tobacco flavoured e-liquid. Every vaper can find their ultimate vape juice flavours.

Then we have nic salt juice! Referred by many as nicotine salts or liquid salt, this concoction of e-juice has proven that there is no limit to where this industry can go. Considered the most promising e-liquid formula, nicotine salts produce the finest vapes in mouth to lung vaping. 50:50 e-juice is still popular, but the milder, calmer effects of salt nicotine provide a less harsh experience. A premium e-juice for sure, this formula has really taken over all aspect of mouth to lung vaping.


High VG e-liquid still has its place in the market, some of the most popular e-liquid brands have left their legacy on the very names currently used by millions. The direct to lung experience is still going strong yet I believe there has been a slight decline due to the change in vape kits. Some may blame progress; others may say advancement in technology. The most popular 70 30 e-liquid brands have branched over into nicotine salts and disposable vapes. The current process of pouring in nicotine shots into a 50ml or 100ml e-liquid bottles is still part of the experience.



Vape juice flavours or e-liquid flavours are also growing with more and more flavour themes coming into play. Menthol e-liquid has risen in popularity, I believe this could be due to the menthol ban on cigarettes. The ice blast theme has really taken off, this is available in high VG e-liquid, nicotine salts, disposable vapes and even nicotine shots. Mixed berries, sweet vape, juicy chew, cool vape, tuck shop sweets and many more are still being purchased. Yet with all the choice made available today, more and more e-liquid flavours are still being created. Amazing e-liquid, amazing selection, amazing vape!


You may wonder why I’m writing about e-liquid bottles! The reason is I’m fascinated in how all the e-liquid brands have tried to distinguish themselves from each other. Much like any other consumable product, the colours, shapes, and sizes are incredible. Somehow an experienced vaper will know the difference between one brand and another just by the minor details of the bottle. This is also evident in 10ml e-liquid bottles. It goes to show how each company has tried to develop a unique and prestigious image!



My partner calls it liquid salt, my best friend calls it nic salt juice, many others call it nicotine salts. I simply refer it as salt nic juice! Regardless of title, nicotine salts have created a serious influx of followers over the last few years. The mouth to lung experience has become even more popular thanks to the introduction of pod devices and disposable vapes. A simple process which has led to a phenomenon, the smoother less harsh inhale has really changed the way we vape today. Many e-liquids brands have included a standard nicotine version and a nicotine salts version of the same flavour. Once again, the choice is unlimited!


Naming the best nic salt juice is almost an impossible task! There are multiple e-liquid brands who specialise in nicotine salts. I can recommend hundreds. Yet to be fair, the themes surrounding certain e-liquids flavours especially in nicotine salts is probably easier. Highly popular flavour themes today are lime salt, lemon salt, liquid blue (blue raspberry) salt and ice, and the ice blast. Most of these consists of mixed berries, sweet vape, fruity and menthol. The ice blast is also very popular which many e-liquid brands will include in their catalogue.



Menthol e-liquid certainly had its following from back in the day. Much like tobacco flavoured e-liquid, menthol has probably overtaken its biggest competitor due to the additional ice blast theme. Although menthol e-liquid is very popular as a solo player, including it with mixed berries and multiple sweet vapes has proven to be successful. The ice blast theme has captured the imagination for sure. This theme has provided a very different experience for many vapers. An ice cold hit of cooling menthol, equally popular with spearmint and various other minty themes. As a stand-alone flavour, the menthol e-liquid rise in popularity has probably increased due to the ban on menthol cigarettes. Many smokers have transitioned over to vaping for this reason alone!


Nicotine free e-liquid was once thought of as a waste of time, yet there is a market out there for it. Many ex-vapers and ex-smokers use nicotine free e-liquid daily and find it meets their requirements perfectly. One simply purchases all types of e-liquid bottles which already contains nicotine free e-liquid. The need for nicotine shots is optional with many vapers choosing the nicotine free experience.


Vape juice in general has recreated itself over the past decade. The e-liquid world has embraced the changes which has resulted in what we have today. E-liquid brands in general have all diversified into this reinvention of e-liquid flavours and vape accessories. Vapour juice itself will never remain the same, although various vape juice favours remain original, the mixology and combination of formulas has pushed the boundaries of an ever-evolving industry.

With such a large production of e-liquids, even the most popular of e-liquids brands have had to adapt the different variations. Like any e-juice concentrates, should one be adding nicotine shots, using nicotine free e-liquid or nicotine salts? The options are countless, and the experience is always greater than the last!


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