For years now, Element e-liquid have been the quintessential name in Sub Ohm vaping. This high VG e-liquid has been enjoyed by many in the dripper series, a collection of liquid elements that have captivated a massive following. The Element vape is an experience unlike any other, the flavour range has a thick, glossy like theme which comes through boldly when vaped. A series which has seen success and left their reputation untarnished. Element vape juice has created some of the most prestigious flavour themes in the business, Element Zen e-liquid, Banana Nut, and Kiwi Redberry to name a few. Undisputed and an award-winning ideology, this company has left its mark on the e-liquid world!

Element e-juice is an American made brand, their e-liquid flavours are intriguing to say the least. Created back in 2014, they were one of the first contenders for the dripper series crown. Made at the sunny shores of Florida, it impacted the UK market like no other brand, their deeply specialised flavour concepts are unforgettable and powerful. An untouchable presence respected by all!


Here in the UK, Element e-liquid is considered to be one of the best in high VG liquid. Every major retailer will stock them, all vapers in the Sub Ohm and dripper market will be aware of their vape logo. Around 2019, I attended a vape convention, looking hard for the Element vape logo, I was delighted at the enthusiasm the reps had about the brand. With so many more names thrown into the mix, they were undeterred by the competition. When Element first came on the seen the competition was low, so much has changed since then, their following is still big with many more joining the club! The UK following is huge, rightly so as this brand remains impressive!

Recently, Element have ventured into nicotine salts, the demand is unprecedented, nearly all of the top e-liquid brands have created their own unique version of nicotine salts. This would make perfect sense for such a uniquely created e-juice to produce unique nic salt juice. With flavours like Honey Roasted Tobacco, Chocolate Tobacco, Crema, and Pink Grapefruit and Blueberry. Individual, original and especially unique, these nicotine salts must be tried for a supremely different mouth to lung vape.


Element e-liquid stand by their brand, they are continually perfecting their formula for the assurance of their customers, this almost guarantees us going back for more. The transparency about their e-juice is also very important, standing by American made quality, manufacturing and distribution. Maintaining the highest levels of standard, Element vape juice contains no Diacetyl or other harmful chemicals. With FDA approval and regular testing regimes, their e-liquids are also 100% steeped for immediate use. Pharma USP Grade, their ingredients are sourced from the most trusted brands in the pharmaceutical industry. Elementary!!!


The Element e-juice umbrella includes many top names like FAR, TONIX, KOI, EMULSIONS and CHEEBA. Far by Element was and still is highly popular, Tonix by Element is another e-liquid sensation along with KOI and Cheeba. Element Emulsions have stood the test of time, the classic 50ml shortfill range have been the main pride in their catalogue.



It was hard to break down my top 3 favourite e-liquids from the Element range, from the 80VG/20PG 50ml shortfill list, I have selected what I feel are flavours which have yet to be equalled in the history of high VG e-liquid.


This one had to be mentioned for the simple reason of pure originality. Freshly squeezed orange citrus blended with creamy Vanilla. A true masterpiece in the making, when I first tried this flavour, I was so impressed I gave four free bottles away for others to try. A divine orange classic with hints of Vanilla cream, orange is a hard flavour to perfect, it has a taste quite different from other fruits and its unique flavour has been perfected by Element. I have yet to taste a better orange citrus than this one.


This flavour totally blew me away, Lime Cookies with the ice blast of minty/menthol! Another masterpiece, the taste is sharp and very authentic, the frosty finish delivers a sensational inhale. Once again, authenticity is the key. Element have perfected this collaboration to the point of EUPHORIA! A delicious aftertaste, one of the best direct to lung vapes ever!


Pink Grapefruit by Element had to be on the list, this is pure sweet and sour heaven! Again, using a difficult flavour theme, Grapefruit is a hard concept to perfect! It has a thick, glossy like taste which absorbs perfectly on the palate. A brave attempt by Element which has clearly paid off, these bold and daring ventures into e-liquid flavours which were unheard of at one time or another. Pink Grapefruit is a classic!


In conclusion, Element vape juice is a superior high VG e-liquid, an e-liquid unlike any other. One of the first brands to hit the scene, Element has exceeded all expectations. America has proven itself once again, the vape industry has welcomed many brands from across the pond. Here in the UK, many vapers prefer sticking with UK made brands only. Many like me, enjoy talents from all over the globe, especially America. Element e-liquid have created a Sub Ohm experience incomparable from other brands. Their e-liquids have a texture and flavour strength so powerful I sometimes forget about the others.

With a proven track record, Element have collected many prizes on the way. During the Vape Expo back in 2015, Element shone through their competitors and scooped up an award that very day. David Botton who is the CEO of Element stated how proud he was of the company with their “cutting edge” innovation! Multiple awards, an undisputed reputation and the finest quality of e-liquids, this vape juice company has reached a pinnacle point in vape history. We can only wait to see what the future has in store for this great American brand, whatever’s brewing, it’ll have one hell of a taste!


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