I vape great! The ultimate expression for vapers who use this iconic brand. This British vape company has provided IVG liquid, IVG bars, IVG salt, and all major vape accessories for our vaping pleasure. Becoming one of the most popular e-liquid brands was just the start. Founded in 2016 by Ahsan Bawa, IVG premium e-liquids is one of the biggest British vaping brands in the world.  Their multi vape options have made them one of the best in the business. Their famous vape logo can not be mistaken for another, their amazing eliquid is known as the super juice. Nic salts UK have rated their collection as the greatest, their vape bars are untouchable compared to the average vape bar.

Being one of the best vape liquid brands was never enough, a leader in vape liquid flavours is key to the success of this iconic name. “We have fast become one of the most sought – after e-liquid brands on the global market today.” This famous quote is by the man himself. The IVG bar is one of the most successful in disposable vapes. Along with their fine collection of vape accessories and vape concentrates, the ivape legend has made vaping what it is today. Without this name, vaping wouldn’t be the same. From cola bars to menthol salts, whichever your preference, this e-liquid brand has paved the way for the industry to go BOOM!


E- Cigarettes have become one of the most popular products in the international market. IVG have created a proud moment in vaping history, the achievements are as follows:

  • IVG is one of the largest British vaping brands in the world.
  • IVG is the only international vaping brand to have won an award in Canada.
  • IVG is the only British brand to have won awards in South Korea and Denmark.
  • IVG serves over 60 countries worldwide and has created a large fan base around the globe.

IVG have successfully built a team of over 100 professional staff members.


IVG Bars

IVG bars themselves had been on the cards for a long time. With the explosive success of disposable vapes, these vape bars are one of the best in the business. Many major e-liquid brands have excelled in their pod kits and disposable vapes, yet not one has had such an impact on me as the IVG bar. IVG cola ice, ice lemonade, tropical ice, guava ice, and the iconic ice blast were all conceived from this collection. The I Vape Great disposable is exactly that!


IVG Premium Liquids

To be fair, the e-liquid world has seen some major shifts in e-liquid flavours. Many e-liquid brands have had a complete overhaul and reinvented itself multiple times. With the introduction of nicotine salts and disposable vapes, many of the world leading companies have seen a decline in high VG liquid. This doesn’t surprise me as a backlash in progress was inevitable. Although I must say, many vapers are keeping the sub ohm experience alive. With some of the greatest e-liquid themes still going strong such as berry medley, forest berries, ice blast, and the sweetest strawberry sensation. A super juice such as riberry will never be forgotten!


IVG Salts

Nicotine salts have really surprised me, with the introduction of the 50:50 mouth to lung experience, I was impressed. Including them in disposable vapes made total sense, perfect for newcomers, beginners, and any adult thinking of making the transition from smoking to vaping. Salt nicotine e-liquid UK have rated them as the ultimate salt nic experience. Menthol salts and the ice blast experience being the most popular. Since the ban on menthol cigarettes, I believe this had led to an increase in popularity in menthol e-liquid. IVG summer blaze is one to remember.


All e-liquid brands have their own set of e-liquid bottles, IVG have created the best vape logo in the business which signifies leadership and complete control of the market. This has been proven based on their reputation and respect gained in the industry. When vaping their products, the experience is incomparable to any other e-liquid brand. A proven track record and untarnished reputation, IVG is more than just your average super juice!


The e-cigclick awards is a true representation of quality! IVG have the honour of being the leaders of reward and recognition. One of the biggest awards within the vaping industry, voted by thousands of vapers across the UK, they have proudly accepted the following:




IVG have proven themselves globally as a leading British vape company. Premium e-liquid at its best, a super juice with all the trimmings. This amazing e-liquid has created some of the best in high VG liquid, nic salt juice, disposable vapes and all form of vape concentrates and vape accessories. With multiple awards and a reputation of the highest merit, the e-liquid world sits back and watches history being made.

The IVG bar, IVG liquid, IVG starter kit, and nicotine salts have left a footprint for all to follow. An example of pure brilliance is an understatement, the evidence speaks for itself. IVG have come so very far with more and more exiting vape accessories. Masters of the ice blast experience, the range just keeps getting better and better. I look forward to a new range of super juice, whatever the future hold for this untouchable name, you can be sure it will be great!

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