The Halo E-CIG by Halo Vapour Co is a Cigalike device I use regularly. Comprised of the Halo E-CIG battery, USB charger and E-CIG cartridge refills. The Halo Cigalike is the closest electronic cigarette device which resembles the real thing. Established in 2008, Halo Vapour Co have gone from strength to strength providing us with simplistic, reality based vape accessories. Their cartridge or cartomizer packs have various nicotine strengths to suit all our personal needs. Cigalike refills or cartomizers are the essential ingredient for this experience, Halo refill cartridges are available in tobacco or menthol flavours.



This brings me to a unique example of where the Halo e-cigarette came in useful for a personal friend of mine! During the summer of 2020, the pandemic was having an effect on all our lives. I personally found the psychological effects damaging, so much so that I fell into a deep depression. Without the pleasure of being physically close to friends and family, my best friend invited me to sit with him in his garden.

It was a Sunday afternoon and hot, the house was a fifteen minutes walk away and I eagerly counted the steps. When I arrived, he instructed me to walk round the side of the house which led to the garden.

Approaching the seating area, I tilted my baseball cap from the burning hot sun. I could hear him calling out from his upper open window. I didn’t reply, I scanned the garden listening to the distant hum of lawnmowers. His table tennis table sat in the middle of a dried-out lawn, it was discoloured and battered. The memory of previous summers echoed in my ears, barbecues, laughter, and music. The voices of the past fading in the blistering heat, I sat there instantly predicting our conversation. Questions and statements of disbelief!

After what seemed like hours, he emerged through the open patio smiling and wearing just his underwear. He sat opposite me making sure of the distance, he turned and glanced at the tennis table, turning his head back to me. Gesturing a game I declined, his response was half expected. After a couple of hours, I realised he found the situation quite fascinating, I found it frightening. “Did you bring it?” he asked. I rolled the Halo battery over the plastic white table, rolling slowly back to the centre, I gently chucked the USB charger and a pack of 18mg Halo tobacco cartridges. He quickly assembled it and sat back in his chair grinning like a cat who got the cream!

I must compliment his approach; he had decided to quit smoking the day the UK lockdown was introduced. Many including myself would have found the timing impossible, he had spoken to his doctor as instructed to discuss a plan to stop smoking. Whilst e-cigarettes and vape accessories are not stop smoking products or nicotine replacement therapies; he had decided to try the Halo E-CIG for himself. I commended him on his timing and discussed how Halo Vapour Co got started. He was intrigued, the realistic feel and overall experience is what made the Halo Cigalike work for him. Holding the E-CIG in his left hand, he expressed the importance of expressing sadness and sorrow. This is what made him strong and able to keep his sanity during such a difficult time. We both sat in the heat and stared into the blistering abyss!


After some months, we kept contact through our phones as cases started to rise. He had explained how he quit the Halo E-CIG and still had a couple of Halo refill cartridges on his bedside. I commended him again on his courage especially in those difficult times. Had the Halo E-CIG stopped him smoking? That’s not for me to say! Having a close friend is important in life especially during difficult times. Learning and exchanging dialogue together creates compassion and understanding. I cannot recommend the Halo E-CIG as a stop smoking tool, should any current smoker require help in trying to quit, contact your doctor or health care provider for advice!

As time goes on, this pandemic has affected everyone on our humble little planet. It’s sometimes still hard to believe such a thing could happen, how it spread and took so many innocent lives. The affects it’s had on families, hospitals, and businesses. Regardless of whether your a smoker or not, communication is vital in finding solutions. I knew I needed to find support for the psychological aspects of the pandemic. My friend made a statement to me during our garden gathering. He emphasised the importance of support available for mental health, stopping smoking and various other everyday problems. “Life is just about management of problems, those who manage their problems best, have the best life!” What a statement!


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