A few days ago, I was vaping my Halo Cigalike by Halo Vapour Co. I usually use Menthol cartridges 12mg, but on this particular day I switched to Tobacco flavour 12mg cartridges. I hadn’t used the Halo E-CIG for quite a while and missed it’s simplistic touch. I stood and watched the rain, it was a miserable day. I was standing by the large glazed patio windows, and watched the rain crash violently against the glass. It seemed like the house was moving through a car wash. After a few minutes, I changed back to Menthol flavour 18mg and continued vaping. One thing was certain that day, I missed my simple Cigalike.

I was contemplating which movie to watch. I’m a huge movie fan! I love movies, story, plot, characters. The range is like vaping….  massive! Old black & white suspense stories like the Maltese Falcon with Humphrey Bogart. Alfred Hitchcock movies like Vertigo and Rear Window. Horror movies I love aswell, The Exorcist, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Like choosing a 50ml shortfill eliquid, the list is endless. I also love Sci-Fi with films such as Prometheus and Alien Covenant.

During the start of the pandemic and most of 2020, I fell into a deep depression. Like many others, it was awful. I had support through my family and the GP. I have recovered somewhat, but the fear, confusion and sadness are still there. It is quite strange, I found that my vaping was out of control, simply because I didn’t know what to do with myself. All our basic freedoms were gone!

Fingers crossed; we can start looking forward to a new normal. I’ve always found watching a film takes my mind away from everyday problems. Depending on how ones feeling, there are times when I’m simply not in the mood. That afternoon, I sat on my sofa and listened to the rain hitting the glass on the patio. The house was silent, I felt low and had literally no energy to do anything but just sit there. I knew that if I sat there for too long, I would spiral into a very low mood. I thought to myself, why not watch a great movie?

Watching my favourite films on DVD is something I love doing in my spare time. I have a huge collection of around 1000. Due to socialization issues caused by the virus, my viewing pleasure increased. Vaping and watching is something I enjoy; I’m not advocating this exercise but it’s my own personal thing. A strange thing again, I seemed to vape different eliquid flavours with different vape kits for different movies. Maybe it’s just me! I’m going to list below 5 of my all time favourite classic movies!


This horror classic really broke the mould back in 1973. Audiences were not ready for what was about to unfold in front of their very eyes. In America alone, people were fainting, throwing up and running violently out of the cinemas. The experience would have been something you’d never forget. Pushing the boundaries at that time especially was risky, but the response said it all. In the U.S and Europe alone the film was a phenomenon. Beautifully acted, this horror masterpiece was based on the number one selling novel by William Peter Blatty. Maybe not as convincing today as it was back then due to special effects, but if your a true movie fan and a horror film addict, this one is one to remember!

4. VERTIGO directed by ALFRED HITCHCOCK 1957

Another classic masterpiece, Vertigo was one of the first movies that took gripping suspense to another level. Released in 1957, this movie finds the legendary James Stewart searching for answers in a suspense story that dazzles you right to the end. I love classic movies from the 40’s and 50’s, although not everyone’s cup off tea, Vertigo has gone down in movie history as a true HITCHCOCK classic. If you love old movies, I highly recommend you watch this one!

3. JAWS directed by STEVEN SPIELBERG 1975

Say no more! Just hearing the iconic soundtrack instantly tells you, its JAWS. A movie masterpiece, this was SPIELBERG’S first major Hollywood film and again what a film. Nothing had ever been made like that before. Remember back in 1975, no one had ever contemplated seeing a huge shark swallow a man. Again, ahead of it’s time JAWS is one of those memorable experiences you literally will never forget. It even comes to mind for all of us when we’re abroad swimming in the sea. An iconic cast, plot, story and Director, JAWS is simply one of the greatest films of all time!


2. ALIEN directed by RIDLEY SCOTT 1979

One thing about all the movies in this list, I was literally just a few years old or not even alive when they were released. The true magical experience of lining up outside the cinema, and waiting eagerly to watch a great movie is something I haven’t experienced often. ROCKY 4 when I was 10 years old and TERMINATOR 2 when I was 16 years old were the only two. With those two films, you knew what was going to come! ALIEN is a true masterpiece of SCI-FI horror. Suspense, fear, and sheer adventure in space. What more could you ask for from a truly great movie experience!


1.PSYCHO directed by ALRED HITCHCOCK 1960

It is hard to pick your favourite movie, just like it’s hard to pick your favourite song or even vape juice flavour. Psycho for me and many others this film is just a movie experience you can’t forget. The story originally written by Robert Bloch, is just movie magic. The much-loved Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates and the iconic shower scene murder is etched into our minds forever. Directors like John Carpenter, William Friedkin, Steven Spielberg and Wes Craven were all influenced by Hitchcock and Psycho. There are many, many movies that I love, but this one is truly special!!!

Thank you


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