It is hard to imagine but it has been over 10 years since the vape industry has impacted society. Here in the UK, I have seen the trend take off like never before. Like the mobile phone industry has gone from brick to slick, with all its glory, the vape industry has really thrived over the last decade.

Everything from your simple CIGALIKE BUNDLE KIT by brands like HALO, to starter kits vape devices such as ASPIRE POCKEX, FREEMAX TWISTER SUB OHM. POD KITS like SMOK NORD, SMOK NORD 2, SMOK NOVO X, and GEEK AEGIS BOOST and many more. I find it incredible how we have managed to go from one simple concept into a worldwide revolution. Never has making a transition been so exciting.

I must ask myself a question that has been on my mind for some time. As an avid movie buff, I have always wondered when 007 himself will ever have a vaping device in his possession. Let us transport ourselves back to 1962 when Sean Connery first graced our screens with the famous one line that changed cinema forever. Introducing himself at the blackjack table, he stylishly removes a cigarette from a silver case, lights up and tells the world who he is! (I was very sad to hear of the passing of Sean Connery recently, he was in my opinion the best bond)

Not at all fashionable today, in fact illegal especially here in the UK. Although back then etiquettes varied and knowledge about health was far less advanced. I still would not encourage anyone to vape not even the man himself, but I would love to see him remove a pod system and use it to get himself out of a sticky situation. Watching the infamous “Q” explaining what the pros and cons of his upgrades are would be remarkably interesting indeed!

If 007 were to vape, I wonder what flavours he would go for? Bubble-gum, strawberry, Pino Colada maybe? Double Drip, IVG, 12 Monkeys or Riot Squad? Or maybe good old Menthol or Tobacco? We are not entirely sure, but we would be certain his arch enemy Blofeld would choose the e-liquid Ruthless!

What ever they were to choose, the vape is on! What do you think guys? Which one would he choose? Let me know!

Thank you


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