We’re only human!

“We certainly are!”  Now that we’re slowly coming out of this lockdown thing, I’m so eager to get out and about again. At least for now, we can move around more, see our friends and loved ones and even pop into our local pub for a drink. I keep my mask in my pocket and always try to remember to keep hand sanitizer with me. I jumped on a train, kept distance and stopped off at a couple of town centres not too far from me. It was awesome! The first was Redhill, just walking around was so amazing. I had a coffee and vape at local cafe. Just by sitting outside watching the people go buy made me realise what a crazy situation we’re all in.

Puffing on my SMOK NORD 4 (great pod device) I sipped my coffee and enjoyed the simple basic principles of FREEDOM. I love SMOK, their POD DEVICES, especially the NORD 4 IS AWESOME! I have the LEATHER BROWN and Anna has the FLUID 7 COLOR.

Then I checked out the latest POD KITS, STARTER KITS, SUB OHM DEVICES, it was great! The customer service in both stores was fantastic, very helpful, full of experience and Covid secure which made me feel safe. Everyone I spoke to (at a safe distance) was friendly and more outgoing than usual. I think this would be down to the stress and trauma that we’ve all been through since this nasty virus hit the world. I felt a feeling of unity between the people, a sort of “everything’s going to be ok feeling.”

Now comes the irony of this blog. I left the vape store and wondered into the street. It was overcast and the wind started picking up. I glanced at my watch and realised I had been in Redhill for over two hours. I decided to make my way home. Walking towards the train station, I decided to get the bus back home simply because I had not used the buses since the pandemic started. Understanding it would take longer, I walked out of Redhill high street towards the direction of the bus stop.

After about five minutes, I noticed no bus was in sight. I decided to walk to the next one. After almost fifteen minutes there was still no bus. The traffic started building and I considered calling an Uber. Realising the walk back to the train station was too long, I arranged an Uber to pick me up. The usual details appeared on my phone and stated an arrival time of about seven minutes. Foolishly I didn’t check all the usual details sent by Uber…. this was a stupid mistake on my part.

Standing on the end of the street, a car pulled up and a man lowered the window. Without thinking I opened the rear passenger door and jumped in. “What the F*** are you doing?” said the man. “Your my Uber yea?” I replied. “No mate, I’m not your F****** Uber!” For about five seconds I thought I was dreaming. I apologised to the man instantly and jumped out of the car. “I’m so sorry I made a mistake.” I quickly walked away in embarrassment and started walking towards the town centre. I was a bit shaken up but saying that it was an innocent mistake. After a couple of minutes, the same guy was driving down the street on the opposite side going in my direction. He started shouting abusive language out of his window, what was more ironic was the fact he had a vape device in his hand. I ignored him as it was the thing to do. I was thinking to ask him what vape kit he was using and if he was happy with his current supplier, but I thought, no better not.

I eventually reached the train station and got home safely. I paid for the Uber as it wasn’t their fault and thanked my lucky stars no harm was done. My advice is always check, name, registration etc. I was impatient and foolish but saying that, he did lower his window and was driving a hybrid style Toyota in silver which are common cars for Uber drivers. Never mind, next time I’ll be extra careful.

Thank you


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