Charlie’s Chalk Dust created Pacha Mama e-liquids some years ago, since then this vape juice brand has created some of the best e-liquid flavours in the business with a very natural and organic theme. Charlie’s Chalk Dust founders initially wanted to create their e-liquids so they could prevent people returning back to cigarettes. Since then, with the arrival of Pacha Mama the CEO himself has stated the importance of generating on all day vape concept as such the user NEVER retreats back to the old habit. With the success of the Chalk dust series and especially PACHA MAMA, not only has it been a case of mission accomplished, it has also revolutionised the fruit medley theme and taken it to places one never thought possible.


The Pacha Mama name originally comes from the ancient word meaning “mother earth.” This originated from the old Aymara and Quechua languages, and with the name defining nature in all its glory, it’s no wonder why such a name was selected for such a product. The theme is based on authentic, hand picked fruits which are exotic, rare and delicious. Fruit lovers like myself advocate the introduction of such rarity, the selection of exotic and tropical fruits is quite brilliant and so far, has not been replicated by other e-liquid brands.


Having been in the industry for nearly ten years, I have come across nearly all forms of flavour production produced by all the top brands. When it comes to fruit medley concepts, I can safely name a handful who have not only won multiple awards, but who have opened doors for various other names who have taken e-liquid flavours to a completely new level. This distinguished approach has given the global Sub Ohm communities a new and improved vaping experience. Pacha Mama e-liquid flavours are most certainly worth every penny spent, their catalogue is vast and the recognition gained in the industry has made them one of the best fruit medley brands in the world.



The e-liquid brands and flavours that have come out of America in recent years has had a phenomenal impact on the UK market. Here, vapers love to indulge in the Pacha Mama vape and by doing so have expanded interest over into Europe. The Pacha Mama review I have created has the main 50ml shortfill e-liquid bottles which are multiple award-winning flavours. This is a huge achievement on their part and a blessing for those who love the Sub Ohm lifestyle!


The e-liquid brands which have achieved notoriety in the USA, have puffed their way over the pond and are now having a big impact in the UK. We can certainly stand proud of the UK made brands and with more arriving on the scene, it’s just a matter of time when we’ll be leading the e-liquid world. For the moment, the American made e-juice has really infected me with their brilliant brands and brains. Pacha Mama is another example of high quality, American made e-liquids. To create such an exquisitely natural vaping experience and win multiple awards in the process is just remarkable. I vape Pacha Mama not just for greatly formulated flavours, but for the sheer experience!

Expanding the series into their Ice range and nic salt collection shows Pacha Mama mean business, and what a business. In the USA, UK and Europe alone sales have skyrocketed in the last three years. For me, I do admire any company which are gaining financial growth as this is why we’re all in business in the first place. Pacha Mama are not just interested in taking our money, their looking to impress their customers and gain a loyal following. This has definitely been achieved, speaking to Pacha Mama agents, reading their blogs and reading reviews of many people’s personal opinion about the brand tells me everything I need to know.


Pacha Mama is an e-juice brand I very highly recommend. Their passion about their products and their customers is unquestionable. Determined to make a difference and be more than just another e-liquid company, Pacha Mama have changed the rules with fruit medley concepts and conjured up fruit-based flavours which are incomparable. Triple and quadruple combinations which will stand the test of time for sure and allow new comers into the world of vaping to explore this naturalistic landscape of e-liquid flavours. I’m looking forward to the future for what’s in store for these guys, as all brands expand their ranges over time, you can bet that Pacha Mama will have something very special in store for all of us. Check out our Pacha Mama hub page and review section for the latest Pacha Mama 50ml shortfills and how these magnificent flavours based on mother earth herself actually tastes like.


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