Monsta Vape

Monsta Vape e-liquid is a Malaysian made brand suited for all aspects of Sub Ohm vaping. Their speciality is decadent desserts and super fruit medley e-liquid flavours. For quite some time, I have been advised about the Monsta Vape quality and how specific they are with there flavour concepts. A 70VG/30PG ratio, this underappreciated vape juice has left a mark on the Malaysian vaping community and also created a huge following here in the UK. Their specialized Monsta Vape ingredients has certainly set them apart from various e-liquid brands and held them accountable as a fine example of Malaysian quality.

With many e-liquid brands creating an e-juice concentrate, tobacco e-liquid, Lemon sweets, sweet vape or menthol e-liquid, you can be rest assured Monsta Vape has something for all to enjoy. Like with all high VG e-liquid, Monsta Vape is like the lost vape, with so many Sub Ohm vapers unaware of their prime excellence and exquisite vape flavours. Whether it’s tuck shop sweets or ice apple, this Malaysian made e-juice will bring out the Monsta in you!

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PG stands for Propylene Glycol and VG stands for Vegetable Glycerine.  These are elements found in e liquid and can be with or without nicotine. They allow vapour production to be created when vaping.

The time span of eliquid bottles will depend on the vaping device being used, the power output of the device, and the consistency of use by the user. This will vary as everyone is different.

Sub Ohm is a vaping procedure which delivers vapour directly to the lungs. This is the resistance of the coil being used below 1 ohm. A Sub Ohm device is designed to deliver large cloud production when vaping.

Nic shots are 10ml bottles containing only nicotine. This is poured into 50ml e liquid bottles. All 50ml shortfills contain zero nicotine, all 10ml nic shots contain between 10mg and 20mg of nicotine.

Depending on your personal preference, when using 70:30 e-liquid for Sub Ohm vaping, 6mg is used for a stronger vape, whilst 3mg is used for a lighter vape. Pour in one 10ml nic shot of 20mg will provide a 3mg strength, pour in two will provide 6mg strength. With salt nic juice, you have the option of 10mg or 20mg strength.

Nic salts are the latest innovative e-liquids which are far more effective than regular freebase nicotine. The body absorbs nicotine much faster and allows the user to vape at a higher dosage of nicotine thus avoiding a harsh throat hit when vaping.

There are multiple e-liquid brands who provide excellent quality in both flavour and vape liquid. Check out our salt nic juice blog and reviews section to find your favourite UK made brand.

With multiple e-liquid brands out there today, it’s a difficult question to answer. Taste is subjective, we would always recommend a UK laboratory tested and fully compliant brand. Check out our eliquid brands and salt nic juice blogs and reviews for the latest updates.

Mouth to lung in vaping terms is where the vapour is drawn into the mouth first, then inhaled. This is the same process as smoking a real cigarette.

Pod devices or Pod kits are the latest gadgets to enter the vaping world. They are generally small, hand-held compact devices which deliver VAPOUR in the traditional way. They are pocket friendly and stylish. You simply pour liquid into the cap and change the coil when needed.

A disposable pod kit or Pod device works in the same way as a traditional Pod system, the difference is with a disposable, you don’t need to change a coil or refill with liquid. A disposable Pod device is not reusable once it has expired.

A Cigalike or E-CIG is an electronic cigarette vaping device that resembles a real cigarette. It consists of a battery, USB and refill cartridges. The E-CIG Cigalike has tobacco flavour and menthol flavour cartridges. These cartridges or cartomizers usually contain nicotine strength of 0.6mg, 12mg, and 18mg.

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