I have been involved in the world of E-Cigarettes since 2011. The anguish of trying to quit smoking was becoming increasingly difficult, I knew I had to stop, but stopping permanently was the real problem. In October 2011 I finally did, this was only because I immediately switched to an E-CIG and was totally flabbergasted how realistic the new method was. Like millions of other fellow sufferers, I finally quit and have never smoked since.

After the initial introduction of eliquids and Sub Ohm vaping, I knew this dynamic revolution would change the world of vaping forever. The eliquid world was going from strength to strength creating a spectrum of flavours in both mouth to lung and direct to lung products. The vape juice variations were beginning to take hold with high VG and Sub Ohm vaping becoming increasingly popular. I don’t know the official statistics on this, but I can guess the numbers are in the millions. With TPD compliance limiting the eliquid bottles to nicotine free 50ml, this change in regulation was frowned upon with EU member states trying to take control of an industry they knew nothing about.

With all eliquid brands keeping to the new law, I feel that the interference from governments and governing bodies have created a sense of defiance amongst vaping companies and the humble citizen who vapes. With all of this, the inventive genius behind many great vape companies has created some of the highest, most sophisticated, technologically advanced vaping products in the world.

When it comes to vapour juice, this high-tech level of creativity is proving that E- Cigarettes will become one of the fastest growing industries of the 21st century. With so many great names thrown in the mix, which names stand out more than others? When it comes to high VG ejuice, one brand instantly comes to mind……RIOT SQUAD!


Riot Squad was created back in 2016, all their products are created in the famous riot labs here in the UK. They are a multiple award winning eliquid brand like no other. It is safe to say that I am a “Rioter” not in the traditional sense, but as a user of Riot Squad products. Their message is bold and raw, their vape juice flavours have become highly commendable and their patented bullet shaped eliquid bottles have become legendary. Riot Squad have a clear message, they’re here to stay!


Riot Squad have created a great series of eliquid flavours over the past five years. Their iconic 50ml shortfill range broke the mould back then and continues to tease our taste buds. Riot Squad 50ml eliquid bottles stand out compared to other brands.The distinctive colour coded; bullet shaped caps catch your eye instantly when entering a vape shop. Riot Squad vape as it’s commonly known is a simple understanding of someone who vapes Riot Squad. I love this terminology and with so many amazing 50ml shortfill brands to choose from it’s almost impossible to choose a favourite. Saying that, I have chosen and it wasn’t really all that difficult. Riot Squad is my favourite all time eliquid brand and that as they say is that!


Riot Squad 50ml eliquid is a fine example of genius. This mixology was created in their riot labs here in the UK and has one of the highest product qualities in the business. With a 70VG/30PG ratio, this is ideal for Sub Ohm vaping.  A Riot Squad mixologist must have the best of both worlds, creating iconic flavours, being surrounded by innovation, invention, creativity and enterprise. I must admit I am just a bit envious! The 50ml flavours currently are very unique: BLUE BURST, PURPLE BURST, SUB LIME, CHERRY FIZZLE, TROPICAL FURY, and PINK GRENADE. A varied selection of flavours suited for everyone.


Black Edition is a fine example of a unique concept of vape juice flavours unlike anything currently on the market. The eliquid bottles are 50ml black with their iconic black shaped bullet caps distinguishing them from other brands. Riot Squad Black Edition has a dark, rich taste. It’s distinctive and separates itself from other flavours in the series. Flavours include SIGNATURE ORANGE, ULTRA PEACH TEA, RICH BLACK GRAPE & PURE FROZEN ACAI. With a 70VG/30PG ratio, this exceptional concept of eliquid will give you an unforgettable vaping experience. Black Edition is also available in nic salt.


Riot Squad 100% menthol eliquid is a unique blend of a fruity green mixology blended in with deep, cooling refreshing menthol. A 70/30 ratio ideal for Sub Ohm vaping. The ideology behind this formulation is again very unique. To create a completely pure, deep iced menthol blend seems quite obvious at first. There are multiple eliquid brands who provide excellent menthol vape liquid, but are they prestigious and unique? I have never tasted a more authentic version of menthol flavour than 100% menthol by Riot Squad. The combination flavours selected are just remarkable. Flavours include LEMON AND CUCUMBER, MELON, ICE, and TOBACCO. Superior in taste, the Riot Squad 100% menthol eliquid range also comes in nic salt.


The final 50ml shortfill in their series is Riot Squad Punx. Again, a 70/30 ratio making it ideal for Sub Ohm vaping. The Punx vape juice series is the boldest flavour creation I have ever experienced, some have up to four flavour combinations in one 50ml bottle. Some have said the Punx series is too extreme in taste, I disagree! For me and many others, Riot Squad Punx ejuice is one of the best in their catalogue of flavours and in the entire eliquid world. The throat hits are incredible, I believe this is down to triple and quadruple combos which gives our taste buds a taste of euphoria! This raw defiant mixology is proof of their reputation as one of the best eliquid brands in the world.


To have a great line up of vape juice flavours is one thing, to have that same line up again but with an equally great vaping experience, shows the aptitude, ingenuity and wizardry of what goes on inside the riot labs. Creating salt nicotine is standard for most eliquid brands but to create BLACK EDITION, PUNX, 100% MENTHOL and HYBRID all in nic salt AND maintaining the highest standard in all variations is simply beyond words. I cannot express how excited we are here at AVAPIEN, having this vape juice range on our website makes me truly proud of being a “rioter.” Anna and I are looking forward to what lies ahead with Riot Squad, a new addition to the series, new varieties, a new concept of vaping? Whatever the outcome, you can be sure it will cause one hell of a RIOT!


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