GEEKVAPE emerged onto the vaping scene back in 2015, since then they have diversified their range covering all angles of vape accessories. With the most advanced devices created for an unforgettable direct to lung and mouth to lung experience. AEGIS by GEEKVAPE has established them as global leaders in chipset technology, GEEKVAPE authentication and the GEEKVAPE MOD has changed the way vapers approach vaping today. The GEEKVAPE AEGIS BOOST and AEGIS BOOST PLUS have certainly succeeded in creating a completely new approach for me, especially since the rise of the vape pod and disposable vapes.

Official partners of Paris Saint-German, the GEEKVAPE frenzy has infected us all. Technological innovation bringing outstanding quality and design, the AEGIS BOOST POD MOD and GEEK VAPE PEN have made us wonder how this advanced company has shown the world the possibilities available. Their disposable vapes have grown in popularity, the GEEKVAPE GEEK BAR is a sleek vape pod pre-filled with 10mg or 20mg nicotine salts. With a 500mah power output and delivering up to 575 puffs per vape bar.



The GEEK AEGIS BOOST PLUS by GEEKVAPE is a vape pod device which offers the choice if direct to lung and mouth to lung vaping. It comes as part of the infamous range of AEGIS by GEEKVAPE. In addition, the AEGIS name has been achieved with further devices like the AEGIS LEGEND, AEGIS SOLO and AEGIS BOOST. GEEKVAPE AEGIS BOOST PLUS has some amazing features, its power output is 40W and uses an 18650 battery. This provides more power than pod devices similar in size. This pod device can be used for both vaping experiences depending on the resistance of coil and power output.

The GEEKVAPE AEGIS BOOST PLUS has an ultrasonic seal to prevent any build up of condensation when vaping. The pod device is IP67 water resistant and can be immersed into 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes. It is also dust proof and shock resistant. The IP (INGRESS PROTECTION) is the latest advances created solely by GEEKVAPE. Temperature control is also available along with the latest TFT colour screen. A true masterpiece of modern-day technology, with pod devices such as this many companies watch in amazement as GEEKVAPE create a new and advanced vape accessories.



Since the arrival of the vape bar, the world of vaping has produced disposable vapes. Considered at one time to be far from what vapers required, vape bars especially the vape pod has set a new trend in the world of vaping. Nicotine shots, vape concentrates and high VG vape juice have achieved monumental results in preventing many to return to smoking. Since the arrival of nicotine salts, the salt nic craze has propelled and encouraged further modifications and design. The disposable pod device has allowed us to reach out and simply concentrate on the job in hand. No refilling, coil change or power charging. Simplistic discretion and easy to use, many ex-smokers have found the transition much easier thanks to the approach all disposable vapes provide.

GEEKVAPE Geek Bar delivers up to 575 puffs vape bar, the flavour selection is extensive as these vape bars deliver 10mg or 20mg of nicotine salts. A delightful array of e-liquid flavours created for the ultimate mouth to lung experience, the ice blast theme is prevalent as are fruity themes, tuck shop sweets and beverage drinks. BLUEBERRY ICE, BANANA ICE, BLACKCURRANT MENTHOL and BLOODY BULL to name a few. The GEEKVAPE frenzy for disposable vapes has begun!



GEEKVAPE have been created vape accessories since 2015, out of China, this technologically advance brand has been at the centre of innovation. The GEEKVAPE AEGIS BOOST PLUS is for me the wonder of future accomplishments, a pod device truly remarkable in design, advanced in high technology, and creating an unmatchable vaping experience. A 40W vape pod run by an 18650 battery. Perfect for both direct and mouth to lung vaping, waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant, it comes in array of colour finishes and has become the quintessential Geek Pod. With the success of the AEGIS BOOST, the AEGIS BOOST PLUS defines the vape pod itself and transformed our vaping needs completely.

When it comes to disposable vapes, GEEKVAPE Geek Bar is a true winner when it comes to the nicotine salts experience. Voted best disposable vape UK, the Geek Bar comes in delightful set of vape juice flavours. From Guava Ice to Blue Razz Lemonade, Green Mango and All Day Grape, Blueberry Cotton Candy to Watermelon Ice. Fruity themes, ice blast and tuck shop sweets. A prestigious selection for a multi vape experience, true genius, compelling motivation and leaders in advanced vaping technology. The future is bright for many, GEEKVAPE will continue to thrive in this ever-changing world of vaping. With recent uncertainty and global changes I look forward to what’s in store for the market place a I  truly except for my as a vape geek!

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