Halo E-Cig


Halo E-CIG by Halo Vapour Co was the first style of electronic cigarettes introduced over ten years ago. Their classic Halo Cigalike has led the way to a revolution which is growing stronger by the day. At a time when E-Cigs were frowned upon and knowledge was not at today’s standards, the Halo E-CIG has paved the way for many people and introduced the ultimate alternative to traditional smoking. Created back in 2008, a family team made it their mission to help the nation’s smokers switch to vaping. Halo Vapour Co are one of the first creators of the electronic cigarette, they provide the renowned Halo tobacco and menthol cartridges to provide a very realistic experience. Also known as cartomizers, these refills are available in 18mg, 12mg, 0.6mg and 0.0% nicotine.

Since their inception, Halo Vapour Co have been going strong providing those who vape to experience the more simplistic approach. The Cigalike is pocket friendly and very easy to use. As a starter kit, the Halo Cigalike is ideal for making the transition from smoking. The hand-held reality it provides makes the journey even easier. For many, this E-CIG device continues to be a successful tool even on long term usage. With the simple to use method, this product maintains its popularity through style and discretion. Here at AVAPIEN, we are very excited to include this classic Halo E-CIG for all to enjoy.


halo e-cig starter kit

The Halo Cigalike E-CIG starter kit by Halo Vapour Co is a compulsory collection of accessories for a realistic vaping experience. The kit consists of a Halo E-Cig battery, a USB charger, and pack of 5 Halo cartridges in either tobacco flavour or menthol flavour. With the preferred choice of nicotine strength, this starter kit is all you need to make the transition from smoking. The battery has a power output of 180mah and has a charging time of approximately 1 hour. Once the battery is fully charged, you simply screw in a Halo cartridge (cartomizer) and puff away. The cartridges are not refillable, once they have expired you simply throw away.



halo e-cig battery

The Halo Cigalike E-CIG battery is a vital component, it withdraws nicotine from the cartridge and converts it into vapour. The Halo battery works by draw activation and doesn’t require the push of a button. The power output is 180mah standard size or 280mah for the slightly larger battery. When is use, a red light will appear while drawing vapour from the battery. Once the inhale is established, the red light will disappear, this is visually identical to a real cigarette. When the battery power has expired, you simply screw into the USB charger and place into a USB port. A red will once again appear and remain red whilst the battery is charging. This usually takes up to an hour. Please follow all safety guidelines when charging your battery.


halo e-cig charger

The Halo USB charger will allow you to charge your battery. You simply screw the battery into the charger and place into a USB port. A red light will appear whilst charging, this will turn green when the battery is fully charged. Always use the charger provided by Halo Vapour Co as any other device would be hazardous.



halo tobacco e-cig cartridges

The Halo cartridges are a compulsory accessory to have when using the Cigalike. You simply screw into the battery and by using mouth drawn activation, the vapour will become evident. The Halo cartridges are refill tips which resembles a cigarette butt, inside is a compact, foam-based tube which contains different strengths of nicotine along with artificial flavourings. The life span of a cartridge will solely depend on the user as will the battery. Once the refill is close to expiry, a minimal amount of vapour will be present and the inhalation will be weak. After this, you would simply unscrew and throw away. Tobacco flavour is a classic version of leaf tobacco all smokers have grown to love. This flavour is highly popular and maintains the reality of real smoking.


halo menthol e-cig cartrid

With tobacco flavour being a popular choice, Halo Vapour Co have also included menthol in their range. The cool refreshing minty/menthol has become highly popular over the years and is a pleasant change from conventional tobacco flavours. The tips are white which distinguishes them from tobacco refills and gives the realistic experience of menthol cigarettes. As with tobacco flavour, the strength options come in strong, medium and light creating a comfortable variation. Zero nicotine is also available in both flavours, this can provide the option of reducing your nicotine strength over time should you require. With the recent ban of menthol cigarettes, menthol cartridge and e-liquid flavours have become highly popular and help menthol smokers make an easier transition.


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