Riot Squad

Riot Squad is an award-winning e-liquid brand like no other. Created in 2016, this UK made brand has created some of the most unforgettable vape juice flavours in the business. Their bullet e-liquid bottles and “never back down” logos gives us all the drive and motivation to succeed. Here at AVAPIEN, we have selected Riot Squad 50ml for the sheer quality of their vapour juice and the passion they have for their brand. I have become a true and loyal Riot Squad rioter and personally love all their products. For me and many of you I’m sure, this vape juice UK brand is my personal favourite. With a vast selection and variation of e-liquid flavours and categories, I agree that Riot Squad isn’t just a vape juice…… It’s a LIFESTYLE!


The first set of highly influential e-liquid flavours are the Riot Squad 50ml. These are the original set of vape juice flavours which have now become legendary. Classic fruits, exotic and tropical. Known as “high VG” e-liquids, they contain 70% vegetable glycerine and 30% propylene glycol. These variations are ideal for Direct to Lung (DTL) or Sub Ohm vaping as it is more generally known. A highly formulated 70 30 E-liquid taste and vaping experience is unquestionable. Their highly styled e-liquid bottles and mind-blowing logo, sends a message to all that Riot Squad will never back down.



This variation of Black Edition is another fine example of quality. This variation of vape juice certainly stands out amongst the crowd. According to Riot Squad themselves, they have stated that Black Edition stands for creative freedom. Creative freedom is the backbone to this exceptional series. Once again, e-liquid flavours like no other, dark fruits and iced tea all combined with icy notes. Black Edition is a compulsory set of vape juice flavours to own and one of the most superior names in the business.



100% Menthol gives all menthol lovers a real vaping treat. Created by this fearless brand, this selection of menthol gives us something really special. Vapour juice with flavour combinations unheard of in the industry. Riot Squad have covered all the angles on making sure everyone gets in on the action, classic fruits with hints of citrus, along with tobacco with icy menthol notes. I am personally a huge menthol fan and with the genius concoction of e-liquid flavours, 100% menthol will certainly give your taste buds a riot!



Punx is the latest range of vape juice created by Riot Squad. A modified version of the discontinued Punk Grenade, Punx e-liquid has a really deep, funky rich taste that separates it from the other Riot Squad vape liquids. The combination of target e-liquid flavours is bold and adventurous with up to four flavours in one shortfill bottle. Perfect Sub Ohm 70 30 E-liquid providing thick and intense vapour. I just love the brutally raw theme to the Punx range which makes this series a serious contender in the e-liquid world.



Black Edition e-liquid flavours are also available in salt nicotine (nic salt) which raises the question what are nic salts? Nic salts are the natural state of nicotine which is blended with vapour juice. This is absorbed into the bloodstream quicker and has a less harsh effect in the throat. Mouth to lung (MTL) users can also enjoy this brilliant range of 50VG/50 HYBRID. This range comes in bottles of 10ml e-liquid. Nic salt liquid is becoming very popular with vapers today, with its increased popularity this modified version is taking the e-liquid world to another new experience.



With a growing demand for nic salt e-liquid, Riot Squad have created a Hybrid nic salt range. This is an infusion of freebase nicotine and salt nicotine. Some vapers found the throat hit to be too smooth with nic salts or too harsh with freebase nicotine. Hybrid nic salts provide a nice satisfying balance.  With a classic range of e-liquid flavours of menthol, exotic fruit and tobacco, this vape liquid is a great asset to the Riot Squad nic salts collection.



With the amazing success and popularity of 100% menthol in 50ml, the riot salt buzz continues. These amazing menthol e-liquid flavours are now available in 50VG/50PG as all mouth to lung vapers can enjoy this amazing series. The subtle yet effective menthol combo variation allows this brand to stand out amongst other e-liquid brands.



As with the previous Riot Squad nic salts, Punx e-liquid is also available in 50VG/50PG salt nicotine. Among the many high-quality brands out there, Riot Squad e-liquid UK has one of the largest selections to suit everyone’s needs. Having the options of liquid ratio and classic flavours, the quadruple flavour selection of the Punx range can now be enjoyed in 10ml.


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